The following are general comments as to what we provide through various contracted suppliers:

  • custom or semi custom adapters including assemblies of two or more of our suppliers components.

  • SMT foot assemblies and daughter cards completely assembled including components ready to be mounted on you PCB upgrade (designed and built to your netlist)

  • package converters for either prototype or production applications.

  • RoHS to Pb interface hi Temp adapters. Factory will mount your chips on the adapter and package the assembly in T & R for pick and place and normal temp soldering operations

  • custom test adapters, sockets and receptacles, specific device package converters, PCB SM fix adapters etc.

  • provide options and preliminary design information.

  • IC sockets for prototype, test and production applications. including 2000 plus contact BGA, 0.4 mm pitch for 10 GHz or higher applications for example also for uBGA,QFN and MLF etc. packages

  • standard and custom flexible flat cable assemblies.

  • production and ZIF card edge connectors.

We also provide free, some useful development tools and products such as the a vacuum pen (photo attached)and laser spot infrared thermometer at certain order dollar values. If you have specific applications to discuss or have any questions please let us know.